Questions and Answers

When do classes start and stop?

  • Begining of September - End of May

Is tuition monthly or weekly?

  • Tuition is monthy

How many performances will they do?

  • We do two shows a year plus various local performances

Does the Tiny Dancer's class do performances?

  • Yes, they do performances also

Are parents allowed in the classroom?

  • Only during parent watch week. Parents may view the class on the TV screen located in the foyer.

How many students are in a class?

  • Depends on the age & day a dancer attends. Typically 8

Can my child try a class before we register?

  • Yes, just call ahead to make sure the class is not full.

Are they required to be potty trained?

  • No, but we do ask you let us know when you start the process.

What's included in my monthly tuition?

  • Tuition and all recital fees. There are no hidden expenses.

What if my child decides dance is not for him/her?

  • No problem, you are not obligated to a full year. 

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Which age group is best for my child?

This is a good guideline, but feel free to contact us if you are unsure.

  • 2-4yrs Little to no preschool
  • 4-6yrs Pre-K to Kindergarten
  • 6-8yrs Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
  • 9-12yrs 3rd Grade - 6th Grade
  • 12yrs+ 7th-12th Grade