3 Different Class Options

Performance Classes

Our most popular classes!

Your dancer will be ready to hit the stage with these performance classes. Dancers will explore dance, learn stage presence, and build confidence one step at a time. 

Competitive Classes

Our competitive dance team helps promote a physically fit lifestyle, respect for others, a healthy sense of rivalry, a sense of self-worth, and of course, fosters lifelong friendships. Team try-outs take place in June.  

Recreational Classes

Try Something New!

Don't have time for performances, just want extra practice, not sure if your child will enjoy classes? These classes are a great way for your child to explore their love for dance without the extra performance fees. 

Which age group is best for my child?

This is a good guideline, but feel free to contact us if you are unsure.

  • 2-4yrs Little to no preschool
  • 4-6yrs Pre-K to Kindergarten
  • 6-8yrs Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
  • 9-12yrs 3rd Grade - 6th Grade
  • 12yrs+ 7th-12th Grade

Dance Class 2017-2018